Maintenance and service

Maintenance and service

Jungheinrich offers a comprehensive after sales programme

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Temel özellikler

  • Long-term operational readiness and investment security of your warehouse system
  • Hotline support or remote maintenance / on-site application
  • More than 3000 in-house customer service engineers across Europe

The needs of our customers are the basis for our successful service concepts with in-house customer service engineers and partner companies. We offer everything from hotline support and remote maintenance to on-site operation. Inspections and maintenance, fault detection and rectification, repairs and spare parts supply all make up part of our comprehensive after-sales programme.

Avantajlara genel bakış

  • Individual maintenance concepts for individual requirements

Detaylı avantajları göster

Detaylı avantajlar

Individual maintenance concepts for individual requirements

The services can either be agreed with our customers individually or as a total service package. The Jungheinrich service organisation has a comprehensive network of in-house service engineer’s right across Europe. More than 450 engineers in the UK and approximately 2500 throughout Europe will ensure that your logistics system has a long service life.

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