Automatic miniload warehouse

Suitable for the storage of boxes, cartons and trays

Ekranı fare imleci ile büyütün

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Temel özellikler

  • Installation height up to 18 m
  • High throughput performance
  • Low approach dimensions
  • Capacity up to 300 kg
  • Different load handlers
  • ROE: Travel speed of up to 360 m/min and lift speed of up to 180 m/min

Automatic miniload warehouses are primarily for the storage of large numbers of small parts in limited quantities per item while meeting high throughput requirements.

Avantajlara genel bakış

  • Short access times
  • Direct access to every item
  • High throughput and optimum utilisation of space

Detaylı avantajları göster

Detaylı avantajlar

Short access times

Automatic small parts warehouses guarantee excellent space-saving storage of small parts in containers, boxes or stillage’s and save valuable time in your warehouse.

High throughput and optimum utilisation of space

In this system, goods are stored in racking on angled beams or shelving – with full utilisation of the room height.

Direct access to every item

Automated rack operating equipment is used to stack and retrieve items in automatic small parts warehouses. This reduces the access time to each item and enables you to achieve a high throughput in your warehouse.

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