Complete one-stop logistics solutions.

Cost-effective from goods inward to goods outward

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Temel özellikler

  • One-stop logistics solutions for your warehouse
  • Jungheinrich guarantees system integration
  • Jungheinrich plans and develops
  • Jungheinrich offers you a complete after-sales programme

From the initial consultation on material flows via planning, conception, coordination and organisation of all logistical functions during implementation to 'handover' and beyond. Jungheinrich will also be there for you after commissioning, providing an efficient network of in-house customer-service engineers in the UK and throughout Europe.

Avantajlara genel bakış

  • Professional project management.
  • Jungheinrich as a general contractor.

Detaylı avantajları göster

Detaylı avantajlar

You can benefit from our experience gained during more than 50 years of Jungheinrich's existence. We will develop the perfect solution for you from the many logistical options. Behind your personal Jungheinrich contact is a team of experienced specialists from the areas of materials flow analysis, development, simulation, warehouse management and truck control.

We plan and optimise flexible and multifunctional systems for you:

  • - Individual warehouse systems to complex distribution centres
  • - Manual, semi and fully automatic
  • - With or without IT integration
  • - Adaptable and scalable at any time
  • - With a widely diverse and flexible product range
  • - Optimised utilisation of space and high warehouse usage rate
  • - Accelerated process flows due to adapted systems and outstanding industry expertise
  • - Individual maintenance concepts for individual needs including hotline support or remote maintenance/on-site operation
Jungheinrich as a general contractor.

Your advantage: A contact partner that coordinates all the functions involved and maintains an overview at all times.

Professional project management.

Effective project management methods and an experienced project management team support you throughout the entire project period. This ensures that everything runs systematically and efficiently.

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