The efficient implementation of your logistics solution

Jungheinrich creates certainty.

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Temel özellikler

  • Professional project management
  • Coordination of all logistical functions involved

Jungheinrich works as a general contractor. For you, this means: A contact partner that coordinates all functions involved and maintains an overview at all times. The objective of this phase is to transform the approved specification into a complete, operationally ready logistics system.

Avantajlara genel bakış

  • Precise implementation
  • Maximum safety

Detaylı avantajları göster

Detaylı avantajlar

Precise implementation

Professional project management methods throughout the entire project ensure that it runs systematically and efficiently. Jungheinrich's proven project organisational skills integrate all the necessary operations into one effective and tranparent organisation.. An efficient communications system is an organisational cornerstone: The Jungheinrich project manager works directly with your project manager.

Maximum safety

Regular project controlling meetings with all parties involved ensure transparency and the exchange of information. Short information channels and regular communication about the progress of the project are thereby ensured.

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