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Increased productivity raising Europe’s logistics.

EKOL Logistics gets an energy and productivity boost.

EKOL Logistics, one of Europe’s major logistics providers, extended its warehouse, creating a raft of new storage, stacking and efficiency challenges. Jungheinrich's carefully selected fleet of trucks delivered a performance boost and also created significant energy savings for EKOL.


  • Larger warehouse required a new truck fleet.
  • New fleet needed to meet challenging storage and stacking demands.
  • Significant energy reduction targets needed to be met.
  • Large scale facility demanded high-performance trucks.


  • Hand-picked selection of over 280 new efficient vehicles.
  • Implemented very narrow aisle (VNA), pallet, reach and forklift trucks.
  • Every truck designed for high performance and increased energy efficiency.


  • Smooth and powerful operations throughout warehouse.
  • All logistical storage and stacking needs met.
  • Lower energy and operating costs.
  • Increased productivity for the new warehouse.

EKOL Logistics in a nutshell:

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