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Five-level Pallet Live Storage by Jungheinrich.

Improving the flow: Novamed GmbH boosts efficiency with Pallet Live Storage.

Novamed GmbH, Turkey, manufactures hemodialysis blood tubing sets, offering up to 80 different products mostly for export. Jungheinrich transformed Novamed's logistics platform with a new five-level Pallet Live Storage system, making optimum use of available space.


  • Already existing back-to-back racking system over three levels.
  • Warehouse capacity inadequate for demand.
  • Sub-optimal storage and retrieval rates, throughput required improvement.
  • Internal transport distances were longer than necessary, consuming staff time.


  • Increase of rack heights from three to five levels.
  • Replacement of existing back-to-back racking with Pallet Live Storage system.
  • Introduction of first-in first-out (FIFO) storage method.
  • Shortening of internal transport distances.
  • Introduction of new Jungheinrich pallet trucks and reach truck.


  • Up to 50% more capacity thanks to optimised use of vertical space.
  • FIFO: strict adherence to sequence ensures that nothing gets out of date.
  • Material flows significantly improved.
  • Separation of loading and removal, and shorter internal transport distances.
  • Durability data, batches and production series easier to monitor.

Novamed GmbH in a nutshell:

Mr. Cem Günaltay
General Manager of Novamed Turkey

"We have been using Jungheinrich forklifts for years. The reason is knowing your quality. Thank you, for being a good solution partner."

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